In a previous life I was a Journalist in Philadelphia. After a chance encounter with a 35mm movie camera, I had an "Aha" moment and realized that my passions for both photography and storytelling could co exist in the world of filmmaking. Without delay I traded pen and pad for a camera. Since then it's been a fast and furious adventure. I started loading film and then pulling focus. This allowed me to work with and learn from many great and talented cinematographers. At the same time I was shooting anything I could, from cooking shows to live music in clubs to freebie short films. Basically, for anyone who would let me and sometimes even pay me to put my eye through a viewfinder and roll the camera. Cut to now, I love what I do, I go to work happy everyday. I get to shoot commercials, branding films, documentaries and music videos. I have some longstanding relationships with directors; it's a wonderful process to collaborate with someone you know well. Working with new directors is equally rewarding, it's a thrill to be taken out of the comfort zone and start from scratch. Check out my work, I hope you like it. Lets make something together.